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Contributing to the local area by Shibuya PARCO

By creating the reborn Shibuya PARCO as a global shopping complex for a new generation, PARCO is contributing to the further enlivenment of Shibuya. From the planning stage, Shibuya PARCO was designated as part of a special urban renaissance district by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and now, having opened, it is implementing various measures to contribute to urban revitalization.

1.Creating a walkable environment and lively atmosphere in Shibuya
We have created a pedestrian network that increases foot traffic and energizes the town by developing the surrounding sidewalks and creating open spaces within our premises. Storefront promotions are designed to create a lively atmosphere and the store serves as a hub for cultivating fashion and theater culture and communicating trends.

2.We are tacklinge local issues such as on-street deliveries and bicycle parking, which obstruct pedestrians, and improving disaster prevention and reducing our environmental impact.
(Concrete Measures)
・Development of a common delivery zone for the area
・Establishment of bicycle parking spaces within the building
・Provision of support facilities for people unable to return home in a disaster

3.The architectural design of Shibuya PARCO akes inspiration from the hills and streets that define Shibuya. The building’s pathways and stairs spiral up from Spain-zaka to the 10th floor along its exterior (3D paths), creating a connection between the building and the city of Shibuya.
By incorporating the contours of the city’s streets and slopes, we intend to create a next generation “City” unique to Shibuya.

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