Message from the President

Kenji Kawase

Since its establishment, PARCO has proposed new lifestyles through actively introducing culture on the cutting edge, centered on fashion, music and art.

Our vision is to "Excite", "Design", and "Create" — to change the world with excitement beyond imagination — and our purpose is to "Change the world with sensibility" creating a new era together with the next generation. We hope to realize PARCO's unique character while operating at the industry forefront to build a better relationship with society.

We at PARCO continue to hone our ability to produce entertainment and other forms of content, while attractively enriching touch points with society in the form of PARCO stores. We see content and community as important facets of the future connection between PARCO and society. To strengthen our relationship with content, including our work with store tenants, we will produce stories and content to share with society, discovering and nurturing local charm and the talent residing in the surrounding locale. We will continue to be actively involved in the surrounding community, growing the circle of co-creation and empathy, while expanding our horizons through the development of non-verbal and borderless business in the areas of culture, art and entertainment.

Through PARCO's business, we aim to enrich Japan's urban culture and urban life and to improve society. This remains as true today as it did at the time of our founding. We will continue to be keenly aware of ever-changing trends in society, further advancing the businesses we have developed through the years and venturing into interesting new fields with high potential to create value.

March 2023

Kenji Kawase
Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer

Kenji Kawase

Updated Mar. 1, 2023