VISION Excite Design Create PURPOSE To Change the World with Sensibility

Fashion, theater, film, literature, music, art.
We have long expressed through culture the beauty of living and the splendor of being free.
And we have constantly explored the potential of the imagination to fashion the future.

Sharing excitement in tune with the times. Drawing and designing with belief in sensibility.
Creating, with the focus on people, place, and connection.
To change the world with excitement beyond imagining—this is our new vision for the future.

We will join with the next generation to forge a new era by connecting together diverse individualities and sensibilities driven by the imagination and passion of individuals.
With sensibility, we will change the world.



Eight points we emphasize to create new culture together in dialogue with people and locations with mutual respect. We look to the leading edge of the times to build better relationships with society while realizing the essence of PARCO.

・Embracing innovative and edgy foresight
・Creating culture
・Pursuing (future) precedents unbound by current paradigms
・Sharing and cultivating initiatives
・Creating value from "interesting ideas”
・Being an attractive stakeholder for all
・Surprising people, without burdening them
・Creating enjoyable relationships together with society


Updated Sept. 28, 2021