Environmental Policy

The PARCO Group recognizes global environmental issues as an important theme in its business activities in shopping centers and related fields. Through the promotion of environmental preservation activities, the Group seeks to leave a sustainable society for future generations.
To this end, the Group aims to reduce the environmental impact of the commercial spaces it creates. These efforts include cooperating with tenants and other transaction partners, and making sure that customers and local communities are informed of the Groups activities and accept them.

Course of Action

Environmental preservation activities


In consideration of the environment, all PARCO Group stores and business locations will adopt measures to conserve resources and energy.

The Group will review its environmental initiatives periodically to continually improve them.


The Group will take initiatives to reduce electricity consumption, which accounts for the majority of energy consumed at commercial facilities.

In particular, the Group will strive to reduce energy consumption by facilities and equipment indispensible to the operation of shopping centers, such as air conditioning equipment, escalators and elevators, and lighting fixtures. Furthermore, the Group will use energy efficiently by introducing state-of-the-art technology and other measures.

3. The Group and its tenant companies will work together to conserve energy on an ongoing basis. Specific efforts will include reducing use of cooling and heating within buildings to optimize climate control, and precisely managing the operating hours of facilities and equipment.
4. The Group and its tenant companies will strive to reduce environmental impacts through initiatives to recycle and reuse, as well as to reduce waste.
5. In planning new stores, the Group will challenge itself to create new commercial facilities that have low environmental impact. This effort will include every aspect from plans for construction and facilities, to interior design.

Communal activities

6. The Group will actively participate in charitable activities as a member of local communities, and help build hospitable urban environments.

Event tie-up activities

7. The Group will actively incorporate campaigns with an environmental theme in the events it sponsors and its sales promotion activities.

Employee awareness and education

8. All PARCO employees will be made aware that they are a participant in environmental preservation activities. Whether at home or at work, employees will be expected to lead efforts to recycle, conserve energy and sort their waste.

The Group will encourage and support its employees in coordination with its tenant companies to promote these activities.

Compliance with laws and regulations

9. All PARCO Group employees will comply with treaties, laws, regulations and other rules concerning the environment, and act with care about humanity and the earth's environment.
Updated Sep. 1, 2017