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Held an event to give thanks to staff who supported PARCO.

PARCO held a "PARCO powered by CalorieMate" event to express its gratitude to staff working at 17 PARCO stores nationwide through consideration for their health. 
We thought about expressing our thanks through health support to the people who worked with us and supported our PARCO even under the spread of COVID-19. 
This event was realized with the approval of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., based on this belief. 
For about a month from Wednesday, September 1, a total of 40,000 "CalorieMate" were presented to shop staff, information staff, and security personnel at PARCO stores. In addition, PARCO and Otsuka Pharmaceutical jointly created graphics and videos and published them on special websites. 
We received words of thanks from many staff, and we feel that it was a great effect as an event in which PARCO staff unites to overcome the tough situation.