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Awarded "Gold" in PRIDE Index, an indicator for evaluating LGBTQ+ initiatives

Parco Co., Ltd., J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd., and other JFR companies (with some exceptions) received the Gold PRIDE Index 2023 for the third consecutive year for evaluating LGBTQ and other initiatives related to sexual minorities.

JFR is registered to participate in the awards every year, and is evaluated not only for the development and continuous operation of internal systems at operating companies, but also for social contribution/education activities such as information-sharing both inside and outside the company.

To foster a corporate culture in which individualized human resources create new ideas through diverse ways of working, PARCO promotes initiatives to realize a diversity organization that is unbiased toward LGBTQ+ and has established various rules and regulations as part of the development of an environment and system in which all employees can demonstrate their individuality and continue to work enthusiastically.
In fi fiscal 2023, the company was also recognized for its efforts to host PARCO PRIDE WEEK (Shibuya PARCO / the Entertainment Division's Aitoaimai (Love and Ambiguous)), perform Chocolate Donuts (at PARCO theatres / regional performances), and install gender-neutral restrooms (at Shinsaibashi PARCO / Shibuya PARCO).

PRIDE Index;
This index was developed by "work with PRIDE", a voluntary organization, to evaluate LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace in order to create a comfortable workplace for LGBTQ+ across the framework of corporates and organizations.
Based on this index, we award companies and organizations that are working to create a comfortable working environment for LGBTQ+.
1: Policy: declaration of conduct
2: Representation: community-of-stakeholders
3: Inspiration: educational activities
4: Development: personnel systems and programmes
5: Engagement/Empowerment: corporate citizenship and public relations activities