This is to announce that as of March 18th, 2020, we have delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
This page contains IR information that were released before the delisting.

Long-term Vision


PARCO Group Long-term Vision toward 2020

In 2014, we unveiled our PARCO Group 2020 Long-term Vision as part of our FY2014-16 Medium-term Business Plan.
The structure of the market and our business environment is set to change into the year 2020. At PARCO, we anticipate that urban populations will rise with the globalization of Japan’s consumer environment and as a large segment of the population continues on a trend of settlement in urban areas. This will accompany a steady demographic shift along with increasingly diversified customer needs. And as the China market reaches maturity and ASEAN cities continue their growth trajectory, we are alert and prepared to respond to new business opportunities as they present themselves.
We are set on accurately assessing changes in Japan and overseas to identify opportunities for the growth of our business under our PARCO Group 2020 Long-term Vision. We strive to be designers of unique offerings for 24/7 life and creative drivers of urban evolution to achieve our goal of being a business group that prospers in urban markets.

PARCO Group 2020 Long-term Vision

A business group that prospers in urban markets
Designers of unique offerings for 24/7 urban life
Creative drivers of urban evolution

Management policy toward achieving our Long-term Vision

To achieve our Long-term Vision, PARCO Group is actively seeking and developing new added value through incubation, urban revitalization, and trend communication, offering the goods and services demanded by urban consumers and commercial operators. We also aim to revamp our business portfolio by developing goods and services with new added value to stimulate urban areas.

Three business strategies for achieving our Long-term Vision

We have identified the following three business strategies for achieving our Long-term Vision: Cultivation of major urban areas; Expansion of core targets; and Innovative use of ICT.

Cultivation of major urban areas
Emphasize business expansion in urban areas and offer more value to our customers by expanding our network of shopping facilities in such areas.

Expansion of core targets
Accommodate a demographic shift and increasingly diverse lifestyles by broadening our core market to include all who seek to enjoy city life – from young people to older, more mature individuals who retain youthful sensibilities.

Innovative use of ICT
Create a new form of shopping pleasure based on the use of online tools by stores, and revolutionize and recreate businesses through ICT.

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Updated Mar. 23, 2020