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Shibuya PARCO / HULIC building was selected for the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors 2023 BCS awards.

Shibuya PARCO / HULIC building, including Shibuya PARCO store, which we promoted and constructed as the sole proprietor of the Udagawa-cho 14 and 15 Districts First Class Urban Redevelopment, was selected for the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors 2023 "64th BCS Awards".


The following were evaluated for the prize. (English translation of a quote from the Japan Construction Federation website)


Evolution of Shibuya Culture and Creation of a Bustling Network

This is a commercial complex that fosters the culture of the next generation and disseminates information, and was the first to work together with Shibuya Ward and the shopping district to create a bustling city in the area around Shibuya Station. The through-passes and three-dimensional streets around the perimeter of the building, which were created in conjunction with this project, stimulate the flow of people and the bustle of the city.



The Shibuya PARCO / HULIC Building, including the Shibuya PARCO store, has received the following awards so far.

・Won the 2019 Good lighting Award

・Japan KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 grand prize

・Received the 2020 GOOD DESIGN AWARD BEST100

・DFA (Design for Asia Award) 2020 bronze prize

・Tokyo architecture award 2021 excellence award

・JIA (Japan institute of architects) Award outstanding architectural selection 2020 (100 selections)



BCS Awards was established in 1960. Since then, it has been awarded annually to outstanding domestic architectural works with the aim of creating good architectural properties in Japan, contributing to cultural development and global environmental conservation.

*BCS: Building Contractors Society

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