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PARCO-arranged Meetscal store opening pop-up shop in Hong Kong

August 30 , 2016



PARCO-arranged Meetscal store opening pop-up shop in Hong Kong
Collaborating with top Hong Kong creative hub PMQ to reinforce information dissemination overseas
Meetscal store by PARCO POP UP SHOP in PMQ
6 September to 25 September, 2016@Desigh PMQ, Hong Kong



PARCO Co., Ltd. announced today that its Meetscal store will open its first overseas pop-up shop on Tuesday, 6 September. The new shop will be at PMQ in Hong Kong’s Soho district.

This initiative is in collaboration with PMQ, which is reinforcing its position as a creative hub for disseminating the work of talented young designers. PMQ and Meetscal will draw on each other’s floor space to provide exhibition and sales opportunities overseas for creative professionals and conduct presentations abroad.
The shop brings together the complementary visions of PMQ and PARCO, which are both committed to cultivating and supporting new talent. This setup is in line with PARCO’s commitment to incubating new businesses.

PMQ and PARCO are sharing their resources and networks through the initiative to enhance recognition in each other’s markets and develop new networks, thus reinforcing their information dissemination capabilities domestically and internationally.
The pop-up shop will feature collaborative goods sold in previous PARCO Museum exhibitions and 30 to 40 categories of branded and designer items that Meetscal has carried, including sushi suitcase covers.

Almost all of the goods will be available for the first time outside Japan through the pop-up shop.
The BY PARCO shop & gallery, which opened on August 26 in Aoyama, Tokyo, plans to display and sell items from PMQ’s young creative professionals.



■Overview of pop-up shop
Name : Meetscal Store by PARCO POP UP SHOP in PMQ
Period : 6 September to 25 September, 2016
Address : Design PMQ, a PMQ-run gallery (PMQ 1F) 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Overview : Meetscal store will operate a pop-up shop within PMQ, a leading Hong Kong creative hub. The new shop will feature brands and designer items that Meetscal has sold in Japan. The BY PARCO shop & gallery plans to display and sell items from PMQ’s young creative professionals.