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Kawasaki ZERO GATE to open on August 8 , 2019

July 4, 2019


PARCO Co., Ltd. (“PARCO”) announced today that Kawasaki Zero Gate will open on Thursday,August 8, 2019. It will be the eleventh in PARCO’s series of low- to medium-rise ZERO GATEstores.
 This will be the first ZERO GATE store located directly in front of a terminal station and will introduce a diverse tenant lineup under the concept of enhancing the city’s functionality and supporting the lifestyle needs of the city’s shoppers. Situated in a prime position along the thoroughfare connecting the train and bus hub of Kawasaki station with the city’s shopping streets, government buildings and office district, Kawasaki ZERO GATE aims to contribute to the sense of vibrancy and flow of foot traffic in the area.


   ■Kawasaki ZERO GATE concept drawing




   ■Kawasaki ZERO GATE Overview


 Name  Kawasaki ZERO GATE
 Address  Ogawa-cho 1-1, Kawasaki-ku,
 Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa prefecture
 Area of planned  Approx. 2,300 ㎡
 Planned floor  Approx. 3,300 ㎡
 Building Details  Steel structure / two-storey building
 Investment  Approx. \100 million


   ■Kawasaki ZERO GATE location