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WHITE CINE QUINTO and CINE QUINTO participated in the promotional video "Let's meet at the movie theater"

WHITE CINE QUINTO and CINE QUINTO participated in the promotional video "Let's meet at the movie theater"

Movie theaters had to be temporarily closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but they are reopening following the cancellation of the emergency declaration.
The promotional video "Let's meet at the movie theater", in which two theaters, WHITE CINE QUINTO and CINE QUINTO, participated, was created to encourage the resumption of movie theaters.

In the video, shots are stored that convey the individuality of each movie theater, starting from the quiet streets of Shibuya, the appearance of the movie theater, the seats and screens, the staff of the movie theater moving around to clean and sterilize for restarting.

It is a wonderful image that reminds me of the joy of watching a movie at the movie theater.

PARCO Theater launches a new project "PARCO STAGE @ ONLINE"

PARCO Theater launches a new project "PARCO STAGE @ ONLINE"

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, it is difficult to deliver "live entertainment" including theater to everyone as before. However, even under such circumstances, many creators are creating new forms of expression that can only be done now.

PARCO has launched the PARCO STAGE @ONLINE project to explore what we can do now for customers who meet in theaters in the near future and showcase the appeal of live entertainment, including online theaters.

PARCO STAGE @ ONLINE conveys the charm of the theater and the charm of the PARCO theater through the three pillars of "theatre," "watch the theater," "participate in the theater," and "know the theater."

<Theater> “A Doll’s House, Part 2”

Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” upset social conventions when it was first unveiled with an ending that painted a picture of women’s independence. Since then, the play has become a modern classic that continues to be performed around the world 140 years later.


PARCO staged the new play in August 2019, which is by emergent American playwright Lucas Hnath, and boldly continues the story in an ambitious work written for contemporary audiences.


Following “The Children” produced by PARCO, which won awards such as the 26th Yomiuri Theater Award, “A Doll’s House, Part 2” was an early challenger in the category of topical translated play.

Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO 30th Anniversary "NEW DIRECTION 2019"

Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO 30th Anniversary "NEW DIRECTION 2019"

Live music venues “CLUB QUATTRO” operated by PARCO celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019.


A series of special live performances will run from June through to autumn under the title “NEW DIRECTION 2019” there.

PARCO Ad was selected for the Jury Selection at 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival

PARCO Ad was selected for the Jury Selection at 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival

PARCO 2018 AW campaign video

PARCO 2018 AW poster

The PARCO 2018AW Campaign video was included in the Jury Selection for the Entertainment Division at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival.
This campaign created by a young creative team in their 20s, including photographer Kisshomaru Shimamura and film maker Kento Yamada.

AKIRA ART WALL, a public art wall around the Shibuya PARCO construction site, selected the Good Design best 100

The Good Design Award presentation ceremony

The AKIRA ART WALL, which used the temporary barrier around the reconstruction site for Shibuya PARCO, selected best 100 of the Good Design Award 2018.

It is a collaboration between prominent Japanese manga creator and film director Katsuhiro Otomo’s renowned work, “AKIRA,” and collage artist Kosuke Kawamura.
PARCO installed the art production on the temporary barrier in October 2017, with the intention of creating excitement around the Via PARCO (Park Street) and Spain Hill areas during the construction period.
It received the award for its affinity with the Shibuya district, which is undergoing redevelopment, and for having attracted many visitors from in and outside Japan as a point of interest.
In February 2019, it will be changed to Art Wall Project No. 3, the largest project of its kind ever, communicating to the world that Shibuya is a flashpoint for art and culture.

<Publishing> “Kojitsu Nikki–Kisetsu no Youni Ikiru”

(Every day a good day diary-living each season as it passes)


The much anticipated follow up to the original essays that inspired the hit movie “Nichinichi Kore Kojitsu” (Every Day a Good Day) starring Haru Kuroki, Kiki Kirin, and Mikako Tabe.
Full of tasteful illustrations by the author, each essay is a challenging pearl of wisdom.


<DETECTIVE CONAN CAFE in Bangkok received Award at Animonozukuri Awards

<DETECTIVE CONAN CAFE in Bangkok received Award at Animonozukuri Awards

“Detective Conan Cafe in Bangkok” ©GA/S,Y,T ©2018 GA/DCC

“Detective Conan Cafe in Bangkok,” held by PARCO Singapore which opened in August 2018, received the Bronze Award in the International Division of the 3rd Animonozukuri Awards.
The Awards commends for collaborative works and advertising promotions featuring anime, manga, and characters.

PARCO distribution film "Selavi!" won at the "France Film Festival 2018"

The 2017 French movie "Selavi!", which was purchased and distributed by PARCO, was screened as the opening film of the "French Film Festival 2018" and won the "Air France Audience Award" selected by the audience.


Directors: Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano
Stars: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

Androidol "U" came to Ikebukuro PARCO

Androidol "U" came to Ikebukuro PARCO

PARCO is promoting "Androidol U grow-up project" make the android to idle with Ishiguro laboratory in Osaka University and Dwango Co., Ltd.
This project is a social experiment to create an android that can communicate richly with people.
We provided "U" as an opportunity for activities as an idol at Ikebukuro PARCO as part of the project on April 1 and 2.
"U" received a customer's question through the tablet as a staff of the information counter and informed recommended items by her voice.
Many customers including travelers from overseas enjoyed conversation and taking commemorative photos with "U".

Androidol ”U” came to Ikebukuro PARCO (video)

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